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[2017] Life of buddha

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Life of buddha , Life of buddha기타레포트 , Life of buddha
Life of buddha

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Life of Buddha
From Ascetic Penance to Nirvana
Penance:Began The Ascetic Penance
Buddha began Ascetic penance to break off birth, old age, sickness, and death, the four phases of life.
Buddha only drink water, just sitting first seven days.
Penance: Visit The 3 Ascetic philosophers and find the path
Buddha visits 3 philosophers.

temporarily was apprenticed to them about 2 years.
1.` Bar-Kaba`
who was a progressive ascetics.

2.`alrara Calama“
`utdaka ramaputta`
who were the famous yoga teacher.

3.Kept the torture himself more 4 years with 5 followers

4. Moved to this place, (now Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya) under silverberry tree to get enlightenment alone.
But finally he realized he could get enlightenment only by himself
Penance: Mahabodhi Temple
Penance: Path to Enlightenment after doing penance over 6 years

He kept the progressive ascetic penance with his 5
Follo…(생략) wers more 4 years. But Buddha could get nothing.

Finally He changed his way about finding his enlightenment.

Propagation of Buddha

In Sarnath:
First preaching

In Rajgir:
King Bimbisara turn Buddhist
and donated the Venuvana temple.
In Sravasti:
Prince Zeta donated Jetavana monastery.

In Vaishali:
Solved drought and disease
In Kapila:
Buddha’s father, King Sudodana, was dead . Buddha held his father funeral service.

In Kusinagara:
Buddha was in nirvana(dead)
Propagation of Buddha :First Preaching in Sarnath
Living rightly
Working rightly
Seeing rightly
Saying rightly
Striving for purification
everything in mind
3 Pains
Noble Eightfold Path
Propagation of Buddha: Denied the CASTE system
The Buddha and his Brahman follower’s conversation

“Brahmanes blame us. They said, Brahmanes are the most noble species a

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Life of buddha


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